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Hey I used to run a government surplus auction and luck would have it that I would transition into tree service industry as I was contracted out by one of the big government job to do huge land clearing for them and in the process I want to blog about what I learned about this new found exciting passion of mine of cutting down trees and getting paid well. I can finally provide great for my family.

Organization and effort

As a woman who truly enjoys nature, and who truly enjoys having a great time in nature and every aspect of what it is, the important thing to remember is that tree cutting is a real art, and you need to hire an organization that not only supports that art form, but one that can and will truly do it well. Also, one thing I’ve learned from experience is that you need to hire a company that is not only on point, but one that is also truly there for you, so that you can get an amazing tree cutting job, and one where there is no excess and debris left over. Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s all about organization and effort.

Similar to what Warren Buffet talks about in his memoirs.

Knowing who to hire

It’s important to know who to hire when it comes to hiring a tree company. You want to always take into account the fact that hiring the wrong kind of Tree Company will lead you down a bad path, and I know this from firsthand experience. I sadly had to learn the hard way, that when you hire the wrong company, you get bad results and a bill that is astronomical and very frustrating to deal with. I once hired a company where they promised “top notch service,” but when it came down to it, they did not deliver at all, and in fact they actually left with the job being half done, and they left beer cans and cigarette butts everywhere. When I called to complain, it said that they number had been changed and/or disconnected. This was a hard life lesson to learn, but the next company I hired was on time, on point, and truly amazing. They did a really awesome job!! So yeah, make sure you know who to hire when hiring tree cutters.

Knowing the cut

It’s very important to remember that you need to remember to know the cut, when it comes to the type of tree cutters you want to hire. Now, for those of you out there, who want to know what I mean, by know the cut, you must remember that if you want to know the cut, you have to make sure you analyze and study, how much you would like removed from the actual tree itself, when it is in the process of being cut. You have to make sure that you truly stay on point with this, and literally know the cut. If you don’t know the cut, you will never be able to get anything done, and/or accomplished as a whole. So be sure to know what you want when you want it and have it your way, like Burger King, and know the cut when it comes to tree cutting.

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