Protect your tree: Guide of Tree Master


So you have an old try that has a spilt down the middle and you’re afraid that it may fall on your home, car, neighbor, or power line. But this tree has been on your property for forever. Your children swing from its branches. Or maybe this is where you proposed to your wife or accepted the proposal of your husband. So many cherished memories around this beautiful old tree. And so many fears. What can you do, what can anyone do in such a situation. You would hate to cut it down but to have it fall would be devastating. Don’t fret there may be a way to save that old tree and create new memories with it.

A tree servicing company can install a few things that can support a tree, ensure its longevity, and safe guard you from potential damages. One system of reinforcing a tree is by what is called cabling. If a tree has a “double trunk” or what is called a v-crotch steel cables can be threaded through the tree. This is done on the top portion of a tree. A hole is drilled through its main branches and a steel cable is threaded through. This help reduced the weakness of the branches and adds some support during a storm by limiting its movements. Hopefully the tree’s branches won’t blow or break off during a storm

Another means a supporting a tree is that had a v-crotch, weak limbs, or to pull certain branches together or apart is by bracing. Bracing is done by drilling a hole in the correct area and having a thread rod installed through a group of branches or stems or the split trunk. Then the rod is tightened. It similar concept to stiches except the stiches would eventually be removed but a brace will not.

If you are afraid of lightning striking the tree consider having a lightening protections system installed into the tree. Especially if the tree is somewhere that people or animals i.e. livestock, gather. Or if it’s within 25 feet of a building or living structure. Also if the tree is very valuable or has some sort of historic significance. This system is similar to what is installed onto homes and buildings. A series of copper cables are installed and a copper ground rod is placed underground. It will not keep the lightening from striking but it will serve as an interceptor. Instead of the lighting traveling through the tree, it will travel through the copper cables and out through the ground rod.


Before cutting down that beloved oak, elm, ash, or whatever tree you hold dear considered these options. These systems’ maybe what you need to ensure the structure, stability and integrity of your tree. But remember each system is intricate and requires a knowledge. Knowledge of the trees, their structure, and the system itself, it would be best to enlist the expertise of a tree servicing company or an arborist. This is one service that the do it yourselfer should abstain from.

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