Goin to Concert, A Break is needed sometimes in Tree Service Biz


Tonight I’m about to go to a concert. It’s some band my girlfriend wants to see called Asteroids Galaxy Tour. She plays them sometimes when we hang out, they’re alright. They are playing at this hall in the city that I’ve never heard of, I guess it’s just a small little place compared to stadiums and stuff. It might be fun. They’re like this weird band with horns and synthesizers and this crazy chick sings. My girlfriend says they’re from Sweden or Denmark or one of those countries that the vikings came from or whatever.

I almost died today at work. I’m strapped into this harness doing a little tree cutting, we were supposed to hack off this humongous dead branch on this guy’s tree that was hanging over the street and about to crush somebody’s car. So I’m sawing away at part of the branch and I look over and this squirrel is suddenly right next to me running around up and down this branch I’m about to cut off like a madman and it scared the crap out of me. So for a second I was so startled I let go of the branch and I would have fell but I was in the harness so it was fine.

That would have been messed up to be dead because of some dumb little squirrel. It had a nest in one of the higher branches and it probably got mad that I was up there if it had little squirrel babies or something like that. I’m just glad my dad didn’t see it happen because he’s really big on safety with everything that has to do with his tree service and he probably wouldn’t let me go up in the trees anymore with the other arborists. I’d be back to clearing out jobs and throwing branches into the wood chipper and all of that lame stuff.

Actually now that I think of it if he’s going to pay me the same money maybe I should tell him about it. The cleanup stuff I was doing was boring but it was way easier than the stuff I’m doing now. Before when my dad would bring me to work with him I was just standing around a lot and just doing little chores once in awhile. Now I’m climbing trees and trimming trees and sweating up in these huge tall trees and you come home worn out from all that stuff.

Like today I came home still dripping sweat because it’s been like a zillion degrees out this week and I’m so tired I don’t even know if I feel like going to this concert but I gotta go because my gf wants me there. I’m just kidding, I’m sure it will be fun but I’m just saying I hope the seats at the place are comfortable LOL. This blog keeps me going I’m tellin ya.

We got paid yesterday. I’m still arguing with my dad about getting this car. I saw an ad online for this old Grand Am that only had sixty thousand miles on it that I could afford. It was probably some old man’s car that only drove it to church or during the summer or whatever. I actually don’t even really care what I get I just want to be able to drive around and do stuff and not have to rely on my friends or whatever to get me to and from school this year.

Plus it’s super annoying because all summer when we’re in the work truck going to these tree service jobs my dad’s telling me “Oh when I was a senior in high school I had this Monte Carlo four door and my friends and I did this and I went here with my girlfriend and blah blah blah” and I’m like OK dad well it would be nice if you would just let me get a car instead of telling me how awesome it was when you were my age and had your own car.

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