Choosing your equipment


Working as a tree climber, either for you own tree service or someone else’s, there are some pieces of equipment that are necessary to ensure a safe climb. When purchasing your equipment try to acquire everything new. This will ensure its integrity and strength. Shop around or ask either tree climbers where they purchase their own equipment. You will need to purchase a harness or saddle, rope, carabineers, branch savers, throwlines, throw bags, accessory cord, eye and ear protection, gloves, and of course a helmet. These items can be bought individually or in a kit. There are a few different types of kits. You will have to determine what type of climbing you will be doing in order to choose the best kit for you.

Before purchasing you should try out different types of saddles or harnesses. Harnesses comes in different styles, it would be best for a person to know what type of harness that he or she prefer. This will allow for you to choose a kit that will be the best fit for you allowing for maximum comfort. A few different saddle or harness styles are: the weaver or wide back, the Spartan, Onyx, Sequoia, and TreeMotion, to name a few. Each varying in style, fit, comfort, and waist sizes. Hence the need to try out each one. After you have chosen the style of harness you prefer, it’s time to go shopping for that kit.

For those tree climbers that are just starting out know that there are a slew of entry level try climbing kits. And many companies allow for upgrades and add on. By buying a kit you are more likely to save few dollars then if you go ala carte. One type of climbing technique is spur climbing. A spur climbing kit should include the spurs of course, a harness, carbineers, and a flip line with an adjuster, and straps. Please keep in mind that spurs harm trees. Please note that the constant digging and cutting into trees with spurs will do great harm to the tree. This type of equipment is best used for trees that will be cut down. Not for pruning, cabling, or bracing.

Another type of climbing kit is called the rope climbing kit. This kit is use for the double rope technique. Although this a very physically demanding, it’s very simple to do and set up requiring little equipment. The kit should include at the very least a harness, weighted rope and pulley system, carabineers, and a flip line. And you need to be very safe in the tree service industry that’s for sure

There is also a kit called a Rope and Spur combo. Which is exactly with it says a kit that will include the items mention in the rope climbing kit and that what was mention in the spur climbing kit. Which is wonderful for anyone starting out. That way you are cover no matter what type of climbing you are doing.

Because this equipment will be use to keep you safe and alive while climbing many feet high into a tree. A climber should always check out reviews, recommendations, and equipment specification. Always verify that the equipment will support your size and weight without any problem. That you have good quality equipment that should last a few years. Find a reputable company that stands by their products. Better to pay a little extra for safety and peace of mind then to try to save a few dollars and endanger your life. We blog about the essentials of the tree business.

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