About Me


Hello my name is John I used to run a government surplus auction website and sold a lot of tree service gears over the years, there was some regulation recently put into place because of so many inexperienced people taking on a difficult job like the tree service and getting themselves killed. I had a wake up call when I realized that the gear I was selling through my previous site was hurting people and so I decided to see for myself just how dangerous the tree jobs are and how we can stop or reduce the number of deaths that occur each year.

In this new pursuit I found a new calling in life that will soon replace my main primary source of income. I realized why people were going into the tree service industry left and right, there is a lot of money to be made in it. I was hooked, and I am in the process of becoming a master tree climber and arborist at the moment and I am able to provide so much more to my family now which gives me huge sense of accomplishment but I am only getting started.

I want to one day run my own big operation in the tree industry and take over my state, in the process I am attending various national tree care groups and getting to know a lot of awesome guys and learning more about the industry. I hope to share some of my insights with you on this blog, so that those that want to get into the business know the risks and the rewards involved in this industry.