Cost Analysis of Tree Care Companies


Lastly, it’s important to remember to that cost is a big factor with the removal of trees just like in Government Surplus Business, and thus stump removal cost is a big aspect of this as well. Without the right type of removal, with the stump itself, you can guarantee that you’ll be in a whole heap of trouble, and you may end up tacking on additional costs that are unnecessary, unneeded, and too costly in general. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but it’s about what you’re spending when it comes to stump removal costs, and thus you need to make sure that you take into account, all aspects of what is going on, so that you do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of removal cost errors, because you didn’t do or obtain a proper analysis as a whole. This is an important factor to take into consideration.

Thus, be sure to remember that when it comes to any and all types of tree removal like Maple Trees, that you make sure that you take into account, the fact that the tree itself must be removed adequately, and on point as well, with all costs, expenses, notions, ideas, and concepts taken into consideration. You also need to remember that no tree removal process is too costly, but instead you can and will get the best when it comes to making sure that your tree is no longer there. Think it through and you can be successful.


Understanding the reality of tree cutting

When it comes to understanding the reality of tree cutting, the important thing to remember is that it’s all about keeping your options open, and making sure that you know that cutting trees is not as easy it appears. Furthermore, it’s also imperative, that one understands that if the tree cutting process is done wrong, that things themselves, will not only be unsuccessful, but they will also be ruined, off point, and mistaken, largely due to cutting errors. Therefore, it’s important to remember that when it comes to trees and tree cutting that you need to understand that no tree can be and/or should be cut with an inaccurate attitude, ideology, bad choice, and more.

Hiring the right company

Therefore, when it comes to hiring the right kind of tree company for tree cutting, you need to make sure that you do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of hiring a company that is lacking or inconsistent. It’s important to remember that you need to hire a real and true company that can and will not only meet and exceed expectations, but one that will also make sure that you not only get the best, but that you also have the best when it comes to tree cutting services that are consistent and on-point. It’s also important to remember that tree cutting is not a one shot, quick deal, but instead it’s an art form, and it’s an art form that you need to make sure that you not only take advantage of, but one where you can and will get the best when it comes to knowing what type of company can do the best job.

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The love of tree climbing


Some of the best moments of my life were spent up in a tree. Enjoying the cool breezes, taking in the sites. Boy oh boy. It was the best. That is the life. Hey there my name is Sam and I am a semi-retired tree climber. Six months retired to be exact. And boy do I miss it. Working hard, being in the great outdoors, caring and preserving nature’s bounties. Hands down it was the best job a guy could ask for.

I got started real young as a tree climber. My daddy had a tree service business. My sisters and I loved strapping in those old harnesses and grabbing the ropes and taking to the back yard to climb the trees. We would spend hours up in those trees talking, laughing, or just watching the sky. As we got older, we became more and more involved in the family tree service business and learned how to use the pro equipment as well.

My eldest sister attended business school at the local community college, my other sister received her degree in botany, and my younger sister is a certified arborist with her degree in arboriculture and urban forestry. But I’ve always enjoyed the climbed. We all integrated ourselves into the business and it blossomed and flourished under our different areas of expertise. That soon after my youngest sister graduated and started working full time with us, our father was able to semi retire. Enjoying the role as a consultant which freed up his time, allowing him spend more time with mama; which she loved.

Under the encouragement of my sisters I became certified as a tree climber by ISA. I would train our guys in safe aerial procedures, first aid, and CPR. Even though I was technically an owner I still strapped on my harness, grab my helmet, and climbed along with my guys. I didn’t care about what I was doing, pruning, cabling, or removing the tree. I would take any excuse to get up in a tree. As I got older and the climb became more difficult I took a more managerial role and supervise our crew of guys while we worked various contracted jobs. I eventually return to school to complete a degree in horticulture. With our various degrees and experience my sisters and I expanded the business and opened up a nursery.

Eventually we taught our children the business and encourage them to get involved. Now my son and two out of my seven nieces run the business. Allowing my sisters and I take, our time, in partial retirement. We still remain on as consultants, but in actuality those kids are better at running our daddy’s tree service business then we were. And we were great at it!

But every once in a while, when my back was feeling decent and my knees didn’t hurt, I would grab my harness, lucky helmet, and rope and climb one of the trees in my backyard. Just so I can feel the sun on my face, then wind in my hair, marvel at the greatness of the sky and listen to the whisper of leaves rustling in the wind. I could sit in that tree all day long counting my blessings. I worked in job that I loved, every day I went out and made an honest living, I provided for my family, and we all were able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now I can spend time enjoying the company of my wife, our grandchildren, and every once in a while the feel of a good climb.

Choosing your equipment


Working as a tree climber, either for you own tree service or someone else’s, there are some pieces of equipment that are necessary to ensure a safe climb. When purchasing your equipment try to acquire everything new. This will ensure its integrity and strength. Shop around or ask either tree climbers where they purchase their own equipment. You will need to purchase a harness or saddle, rope, carabineers, branch savers, throwlines, throw bags, accessory cord, eye and ear protection, gloves, and of course a helmet. These items can be bought individually or in a kit. There are a few different types of kits. You will have to determine what type of climbing you will be doing in order to choose the best kit for you.

Before purchasing you should try out different types of saddles or harnesses. Harnesses comes in different styles, it would be best for a person to know what type of harness that he or she prefer. This will allow for you to choose a kit that will be the best fit for you allowing for maximum comfort. A few different saddle or harness styles are: the weaver or wide back, the Spartan, Onyx, Sequoia, and TreeMotion, to name a few. Each varying in style, fit, comfort, and waist sizes. Hence the need to try out each one. After you have chosen the style of harness you prefer, it’s time to go shopping for that kit.

For those tree climbers that are just starting out know that there are a slew of entry level try climbing kits. And many companies allow for upgrades and add on. By buying a kit you are more likely to save few dollars then if you go ala carte. One type of climbing technique is spur climbing. A spur climbing kit should include the spurs of course, a harness, carbineers, and a flip line with an adjuster, and straps. Please keep in mind that spurs harm trees. Please note that the constant digging and cutting into trees with spurs will do great harm to the tree. This type of equipment is best used for trees that will be cut down. Not for pruning, cabling, or bracing.

Another type of climbing kit is called the rope climbing kit. This kit is use for the double rope technique. Although this a very physically demanding, it’s very simple to do and set up requiring little equipment. The kit should include at the very least a harness, weighted rope and pulley system, carabineers, and a flip line. And you need to be very safe in the tree service industry that’s for sure

There is also a kit called a Rope and Spur combo. Which is exactly with it says a kit that will include the items mention in the rope climbing kit and that what was mention in the spur climbing kit. Which is wonderful for anyone starting out. That way you are cover no matter what type of climbing you are doing.

Because this equipment will be use to keep you safe and alive while climbing many feet high into a tree. A climber should always check out reviews, recommendations, and equipment specification. Always verify that the equipment will support your size and weight without any problem. That you have good quality equipment that should last a few years. Find a reputable company that stands by their products. Better to pay a little extra for safety and peace of mind then to try to save a few dollars and endanger your life. We blog about the essentials of the tree business.

Goin to Concert, A Break is needed sometimes in Tree Service Biz


Tonight I’m about to go to a concert. It’s some band my girlfriend wants to see called Asteroids Galaxy Tour. She plays them sometimes when we hang out, they’re alright. They are playing at this hall in the city that I’ve never heard of, I guess it’s just a small little place compared to stadiums and stuff. It might be fun. They’re like this weird band with horns and synthesizers and this crazy chick sings. My girlfriend says they’re from Sweden or Denmark or one of those countries that the vikings came from or whatever.

I almost died today at work. I’m strapped into this harness doing a little tree cutting, we were supposed to hack off this humongous dead branch on this guy’s tree that was hanging over the street and about to crush somebody’s car. So I’m sawing away at part of the branch and I look over and this squirrel is suddenly right next to me running around up and down this branch I’m about to cut off like a madman and it scared the crap out of me. So for a second I was so startled I let go of the branch and I would have fell but I was in the harness so it was fine.

That would have been messed up to be dead because of some dumb little squirrel. It had a nest in one of the higher branches and it probably got mad that I was up there if it had little squirrel babies or something like that. I’m just glad my dad didn’t see it happen because he’s really big on safety with everything that has to do with his tree service and he probably wouldn’t let me go up in the trees anymore with the other arborists. I’d be back to clearing out jobs and throwing branches into the wood chipper and all of that lame stuff.

Actually now that I think of it if he’s going to pay me the same money maybe I should tell him about it. The cleanup stuff I was doing was boring but it was way easier than the stuff I’m doing now. Before when my dad would bring me to work with him I was just standing around a lot and just doing little chores once in awhile. Now I’m climbing trees and trimming trees and sweating up in these huge tall trees and you come home worn out from all that stuff.

Like today I came home still dripping sweat because it’s been like a zillion degrees out this week and I’m so tired I don’t even know if I feel like going to this concert but I gotta go because my gf wants me there. I’m just kidding, I’m sure it will be fun but I’m just saying I hope the seats at the place are comfortable LOL. This blog keeps me going I’m tellin ya.

We got paid yesterday. I’m still arguing with my dad about getting this car. I saw an ad online for this old Grand Am that only had sixty thousand miles on it that I could afford. It was probably some old man’s car that only drove it to church or during the summer or whatever. I actually don’t even really care what I get I just want to be able to drive around and do stuff and not have to rely on my friends or whatever to get me to and from school this year.

Plus it’s super annoying because all summer when we’re in the work truck going to these tree service jobs my dad’s telling me “Oh when I was a senior in high school I had this Monte Carlo four door and my friends and I did this and I went here with my girlfriend and blah blah blah” and I’m like OK dad well it would be nice if you would just let me get a car instead of telling me how awesome it was when you were my age and had your own car.

Protect your tree: Guide of Tree Master


So you have an old try that has a spilt down the middle and you’re afraid that it may fall on your home, car, neighbor, or power line. But this tree has been on your property for forever. Your children swing from its branches. Or maybe this is where you proposed to your wife or accepted the proposal of your husband. So many cherished memories around this beautiful old tree. And so many fears. What can you do, what can anyone do in such a situation. You would hate to cut it down but to have it fall would be devastating. Don’t fret there may be a way to save that old tree and create new memories with it.

A tree servicing company can install a few things that can support a tree, ensure its longevity, and safe guard you from potential damages. One system of reinforcing a tree is by what is called cabling. If a tree has a “double trunk” or what is called a v-crotch steel cables can be threaded through the tree. This is done on the top portion of a tree. A hole is drilled through its main branches and a steel cable is threaded through. This help reduced the weakness of the branches and adds some support during a storm by limiting its movements. Hopefully the tree’s branches won’t blow or break off during a storm

Another means a supporting a tree is that had a v-crotch, weak limbs, or to pull certain branches together or apart is by bracing. Bracing is done by drilling a hole in the correct area and having a thread rod installed through a group of branches or stems or the split trunk. Then the rod is tightened. It similar concept to stiches except the stiches would eventually be removed but a brace will not.

If you are afraid of lightning striking the tree consider having a lightening protections system installed into the tree. Especially if the tree is somewhere that people or animals i.e. livestock, gather. Or if it’s within 25 feet of a building or living structure. Also if the tree is very valuable or has some sort of historic significance. This system is similar to what is installed onto homes and buildings. A series of copper cables are installed and a copper ground rod is placed underground. It will not keep the lightening from striking but it will serve as an interceptor. Instead of the lighting traveling through the tree, it will travel through the copper cables and out through the ground rod.


Before cutting down that beloved oak, elm, ash, or whatever tree you hold dear considered these options. These systems’ maybe what you need to ensure the structure, stability and integrity of your tree. But remember each system is intricate and requires a knowledge. Knowledge of the trees, their structure, and the system itself, it would be best to enlist the expertise of a tree servicing company or an arborist. This is one service that the do it yourselfer should abstain from.

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Using a cut above tree service, Review

I am writing a review today about my experience using one of the tree companies in my local town, even though I am deep into this business myself sometimes its nice to see what other companies are doing and how they are managing their tree service business, well I had great enjoyment out of writing this review and hope to do more in the future. Here is my brief review and what I’ve learned. Working as government contracted work myself for many years its always great seeing people doing a proper job running their very own business.

My experience

When it comes to using a cut above tree service, I found that it was an experience where I not only was pleased by the service provided but I was also pleased by the fact that I had real quality people who helped me execute my vision, when it came to working with a company that not only cares, but one where I could definitely get what I need when I needed it. As a man who has worked on the production line for years, I was pleased to see that these men not only took their time, but they also knew what it was like to put in the effort, work, and have the dignity and class, when it came to making sure that I was highly satisfied, and they understood my values and what I’m all about as an individual. They truly respected me as a person and my dignity.

The services provided

The services provided by A cut above tree service include services such as tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal, tree cutting, and a whole lot more things, many of which I didn’t use, but nonetheless, they still provided those services as a whole. I was always happy, and always pleased in the sense that they truly cared about me, and they knew what I wanted. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. I asked specifically for specific cuts on my trees, such as for the cuts themselves to be of a certain inch and length, I believe it was 4 and a quarter per branch. Well, nevertheless, they did an excellent job, and got everything on point, and exactly cut to a tee, just the way I like it. It was impressive, it was remarkable, and it truly made me happy in general.


If I was to be totally honest, the pricing itself was a bit high to me at first, but then I realized all that I would be getting, and I decided that it would be fair and a good price, and so I went for it. Still, I was skeptical, in that could they really provide all of the services they said they did, and was the price fair? Well, I realized that it was time to put them to the test, so I opted and did decide indeed to use their services, and I got more than I ever expected. The price was truly worth it!!

A cut above tree service

My recommendation is that when it comes to real quality tree services, and services that not only thrive on offering the best, but that can and do offer the best, be sure to go with a Cut above tree service. It’s truly amazing, and it’s one of a kind, and that is the reason why I have such great looking trees that really are the best of the best, when it comes to look, style, and that are truly maintained. I’m very happy that so much great work has been done, and that I now have the trees I’ve always wanted, thanks be to A cut above tree services!!

Hiring the right company! in Tree Service!


Hey I used to run a government surplus auction and luck would have it that I would transition into tree service industry as I was contracted out by one of the big government job to do huge land clearing for them and in the process I want to blog about what I learned about this new found exciting passion of mine of cutting down trees and getting paid well. I can finally provide great for my family.

Organization and effort

As a woman who truly enjoys nature, and who truly enjoys having a great time in nature and every aspect of what it is, the important thing to remember is that tree cutting is a real art, and you need to hire an organization that not only supports that art form, but one that can and will truly do it well. Also, one thing I’ve learned from experience is that you need to hire a company that is not only on point, but one that is also truly there for you, so that you can get an amazing tree cutting job, and one where there is no excess and debris left over. Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s all about organization and effort.

Similar to what Warren Buffet talks about in his memoirs.

Knowing who to hire

It’s important to know who to hire when it comes to hiring a tree company. You want to always take into account the fact that hiring the wrong kind of Tree Company will lead you down a bad path, and I know this from firsthand experience. I sadly had to learn the hard way, that when you hire the wrong company, you get bad results and a bill that is astronomical and very frustrating to deal with. I once hired a company where they promised “top notch service,” but when it came down to it, they did not deliver at all, and in fact they actually left with the job being half done, and they left beer cans and cigarette butts everywhere. When I called to complain, it said that they number had been changed and/or disconnected. This was a hard life lesson to learn, but the next company I hired was on time, on point, and truly amazing. They did a really awesome job!! So yeah, make sure you know who to hire when hiring tree cutters.

Knowing the cut

It’s very important to remember that you need to remember to know the cut, when it comes to the type of tree cutters you want to hire. Now, for those of you out there, who want to know what I mean, by know the cut, you must remember that if you want to know the cut, you have to make sure you analyze and study, how much you would like removed from the actual tree itself, when it is in the process of being cut. You have to make sure that you truly stay on point with this, and literally know the cut. If you don’t know the cut, you will never be able to get anything done, and/or accomplished as a whole. So be sure to know what you want when you want it and have it your way, like Burger King, and know the cut when it comes to tree cutting.